The company is currently functioning in two-folds:


For Sale and purchase of vessels for re-cycling, experts in:

  1. local regulation for smooth operation and beaching of the vessel, broker house for SnP of vessels for re-cycling
  2. In depth knowledge of location regulations for smooth operation and beaching
  3. Co-ordination with the buyer with complete updates
  4. Prompt release of LC due to good relations with the banks
  5. Hands-on approach towards co-ordination with banks, clearing agents, shipping agents etc
  6. The ability to buy ship on as-is where-is condition and have it operational for the last voyage to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh  


With the core value of utmost belief in giving respect and making sure the seamen are dealt with professionalism and transparency. As manning and crewing facility the focus is on:

  1. There is no up-front fee from the crew for posting on board
  2. Man power facilitation expertise for re-cycling ships
  3. Career guidance
  4. Feedback taken to the ship owners

Career guidance