Abdul Fattah (chairman)

A shipping career of more than 45 years, alongside venturing into other businesses such as Real Estate, Ship owning, Chartering, FMCG, Crude oil Trade.

Karachi, Pakistan is where he started off on a shore job in 1983 – building from there into shipping, trading, agencies leading to setting up a company in Dubai that mainly dealt with ship management and ship owning.

The Dubai representative office (IGENSHIP Trading) sold 25 ships in span of 3 years under joint partnership – leading to owning oil tankers, closing at 45 vessels as of 2019.  

Scancom shipping and Pvt limited is a source of stability having been in business for past 35 years, as of 2020 we hold rare combination of expertise that covers technical and economic factors of an operating vessel in shipping industry of Pakistan. We are built on trust, dedication and transparency – the 3 key elements that have contributed to our moderate success. 

Obaid Fattah: (CEO)

Having returned to Pakistan after Twenty-Two years of living abroad. Twenty years of his professional career ranges from the creative industry to arts and real estate in Dubai. Scancom is the legacy to take forward using his strength as someone with attention to detail to cover all aspects of documentation that facilitate the company’s growth and goodwill.

Having a MBA in International management from the UK and working for other organizations have lead to a level of professionalism, accountability and deliverance that is needed for any organization to grow.

Capt. Rashid Anwar: (Director of Operations)

With an extensive career of forty-two years, Capt. Rashid Anwar leads the manning and crewing division.

Having served in various capacities which include Ship Master, port Captain, General Manager, Senior Lecturer for Nautical studies, Safety Security and logistics, Nautical Surveyor, DY Chief Nautical Surveyor and Director ISPS (Designated authority) with his last assignment being a government official of the Ports and Shipping Ministry of Pakistan.

Aun Rushaid Fattah: (Director)

Joined Merchant Marine in 1999 and sailed on board cargo ships as Deck Officer. Later he was attached ashore in demolishing/Ship breaking yard in Gadani, Pakistan for a year. Currently he resides in Dubai, U.A.E and contribute as business developer for the business as well as functioning as a representative of scancom shipping and trading outside of Pakistan.

Badi Fattah: (LLB)

Legal consultant